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The advantages of being Plexus.

Flexology is when talent flows from anywhere

We are an adaptable, flexible, hybrid company. We are committed to a model based on putting people, our people, who are the pillar of our company, at the core. We care about your talent, your skills and above all your well-being. We therefore adapt to new situations and demands in order for people to flow professionally and personally. A model based on trust.

In this way, Plexus Tech professionals do their work and develop their talent from where they work best, so they can choose to work from home or at any of our 24 offices, combining the best of both options.

Talent flows from where we are. At home. The office. The world.
Always in training

Flexology is never ceasing to learn, in a constantly evolving sector.

At Plexus Tech we invest a lot of effort and resources in improving the quality of the training that our teams receive by providing them with courses, high-level tools such as Linkedin Learning and the language learning platform Go Fluent, and the possibility of being certified by the main partners in the market.

Flexology is work-life balance and social benefits

At Plexus Tech we offer people who put all their potential and talent at the service of technology with soul a flexible compensation package so that they can make the most of their time and salary, in the form of restaurant vouchers, transport vouchers and childcare vouchers.

Flexible Compensation
We are inspired

Flexology is about surrounding oneself with people who inspire

We are inspired by talent and aptitude, but above all by the attitude of people who give of their best. That is why we are inspired by our people and their special characteristics, which nourish us and make us better as a group. We are proud to be a company with many industry-leadingprofessionals, but we are even prouder of being aware of the human quality that prevails in the company, which favours teamwork and the growth of every one of us.

Flexology is putting talent at the service of others

We believe that sharing knowledge is essential for professional improvement. Both for the teacher and the learner. Through our Plex Tech sessions, the Plexus Tech family puts its talent at the service of others.

Plexus Tech Ambassador

Flexology is team building

Our Plexus Ambassadors act as spokespeople and a network for the rest of the Plexus Tech family, lending a helping hand to Plexus family members in need.

Flexology is raising your voice

Plexus Tech stands against Violence against Women. Violence cannot be reduced to a number or remembered on one single day.

Violence against women is a scourge that cuts across all social classes, and takes different forms: physical, psychological and digital. It is education that will allow us to eradicate it and prevent 25 November from being a day of purple ribbons in memory of the thousands of victims, women and children, who have lived and continue to live in this terrible situation.

Plexus stands against gender-based violence
  • Fundación Theodora
  • amicos.org

Flexology is commitment and solidarity

Every year we try our luck with the Fundación Theodora Christmas Lottery, because with every Plexus Tech ticket we help the Doctores Sonrisa (Smile Doctors) to continue visiting the little "im-patients" of almost 50 hospitals all over Spain. So, we just have to.

Flexology is about growing together

We celebrate every baby in the Plexus Tech family that comes into the world with a cool birth kit. We are and are certified as a Baby Friendly Company because work-life balance is part of our philosophy and we want motherhood and fatherhood to be an opportunity and a tool for equality.

Baby Friendly

Flexology is diversity

We are a diverse company where everyone can freely express their sexual orientation or gender identity. We support and join initiatives that value visibility, equality and the rights of all people.

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