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We are passionate about technology, but above all we love the people who make it possible.
We need your talent to continue growing as a company. National and international projects working with state-of-the-art technologies and the best professionals in the industry.

“I started at Plexus Tech as a programmer analyst and I explained that my vocation was team management. Three months later I was given the opportunity and now I manage the Quenda Medic development team.”

Verónica Lobo Moreno,Development Manager.

The talent we seek

  • APK development expert

    En Plexus buscamos incorporar un perfil de experto desarrollo APK que desarrollará funciones de: Consultoría y diseño técnico de soluciones TI complejasm, Apoyo a la planificación, seguimiento y control de las actividades de desarrollo, Implementación de software con experiencia de al menos 3 años en desarrollos seguros de accesos por métodos de identificación biométricos y comprobación de dispositivos jailbreak y root.

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  • DevOps Cloud AWS Engineer

    At Plexus we are looking to incorporate an experienced profile as a Devops Cloud AWS Engineer to join the team and be part of one of our most cutting-edge projects with at least 3 years of experience in AWS Cloud Platforms (EKS, Lambdas...).

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  • QA Engineer

    At Plexus we are looking to hire a Software QA Engineer who takes pride in his craft and is motivated to learn new tools and technologies with experience in Android and iOS platforms for the automation of native mobile applications.

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  • Networking Technician

    At Plexus we are looking to hire a Network Administrator to join us on an important project in the sector with 4/5 years of experience in Network management/administration.

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  • Nodejs / Typescript Developer

    At Plexus we are looking to hire a Nodejs programmer with at least 3 years of experience to be part of the development team in an important national and international project with experience in JavaScript ECMAScript 6.

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  • Python ML

    At Plexus we are looking for Python profiles specialized in machine learning for an industrial sector project with great weight in the ICT market with knowledge and work under the MLOps paradigm (ci/cd, version control and automation).

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