We work with clients and partners to provide costumized solutions and services.

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Nuestro servicio de Data

We help to transform the business culture and consolidate the changes of digital transformation

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Nuestro servicio Customer First busca crear soluciones transversales centradas en el cliente final.

We are end-customer specialists, makers of Digital Transformation offering end to end services.

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Creamos productos digitales a medida

We assist our clients in the creation of digital solutions and products.

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Colaboramos en el diseño, la implementación y el mantenimiento de la infraestructura necesaria

Our experience in the different systems areas and our ability to work as a team allow us to provide our clients with complete solutions.

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Cloud, DevOps y arquitectura corporativa al servicio de los procesos de negocio.

The technological ecosystem as a basis for business processes

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Buscamos integrar la seguridad digital dentro de los procesos de negocio, protegiendo las infraestructuras de manera preventiva, estratégica y reactiva.

Our cybersecurity expert team is responsible for controlling and preventing attacks against technology infrastructure through preventive services, monitoring and response to security incidents.

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Productos desarrollados por Plexus Tech que mejoran la vida de personas, compañías e instituciones.

More than 150 million people use our products and solutions per year.

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Participamos en iniciativas innovadoras a nivel internacional junto con empresas líderes del sector.

Our strong innovative character tackles the great technologic challenges of R&D&I.

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Desarrollamos estrategias transversales para impulsar marcas y proyectos.

Cross-cutting digital solutions, to innovate and connect. We start from the trends, we measure the results.

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Llevamos más de 20 años

More than 20 years providing quality ICT support services tailored to our clients’ needs.

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Did you know…

Anna Jolis
Anna JolisBusiness Director
…we are experts in the deployment of communications infrastructures with automation and zerotouch projects?
Bea Marchena
Bea MarchenaBusiness Director
…during the pandemic we have provided technological support to essential organizations such as the IFEMA field hospital and medicalized hotels?
Yago González
Yago GonzálezDirector of Innovation
… Plexus Tech is a partner of the Horizon 2020 European project for Edge Computing Technologies Accordion?

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