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UKG Dimensions Developer/Admin





We are recruiting a Senior UKG Dimensions developer/admin to join the Plexus team working for an important international client 100% remote within Europe.

Development of work rules and testing of payment rules. Parameterization of the Timekeeping, Scheduling and/or Optimised Scheduling modules Configuration and customization of the system according to the specific needs of each country. Advice on best practices in time management and planning and optimization of HR and operations processes using UKG Dimensions. Identifying opportunities for improvement and offering innovative solutions Identification of technical issues and collaboration with technical teams to address their resolution and ensure customer satisfaction. Configuration and development of reports; Develop custom reports and extract data to meet specific reporting and reporting needs.

o Extensive experience in implementing and configuring UKG Dimensions, time and attendance management, scheduling, workforce planning, etc.

o Solid knowledge of human resources processes and human capital management practices.

o Ability to understand the needs of each country, as well as current labour legislation o Verbal and written communication skills (Advanced in English)

You will join a team of more than 2,900 professionals and boost your professional projection with us by being part of a company with many leading professionals in the sector.

We are passionate about technology, but most of all we love the people who make it possible. Because with motivation, enthusiasm and teamwork we are doing wonderful things.

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