Corporate Social Responsibility

PLEXUS is renowned not only for the quality and added value of its IT services, but also for the professionalism of its teams, its commitment to innovation, its policy of reinvesting profits and its commitment to its clients, both domestic and international.

The social responsibility proposed is implemented through agreements and policies linked to ethical values, not only those in the Sustainable Development Goals but also through the creation of real links with active policies in the area of equality, the empowerment of female talent in the scientific area by promoting institutional collaboration with the STEM movement, the promotion of leadership and corporate branding actions. And through agreements and actions with associations that aid the most disadvantaged sectors of society.

Plexus Tech CSR

PLEXUS seeks to meet the commitments made by the company to the different stakeholders, by meeting their expectations and remaining aligned with its culture and values:

  • Clients: To meet their expectations, by offering them innovative and creative solutions.
  • Workers: To offer the best opportunities for professional development, from the stability of a company with more than 20 years’ experience and the solidity of a leading company in the sector, which knows how to recognise commitment, talent and achievements fairly.
  • Industry and competition: To contribute to the sustainable development of the ICT sector by being a pillar of the progress and well-being of society, by actively collaborating with the sector's organisations and maintaining a relationship of respect and transparency with competitors.
  • Society: To actively seek ways to generate prosperity and sustainable development in the communities in which Plexus has a presence, respecting and promoting their culture, traditions and values, with special attention to the most vulnerable groups.
  • Environment: To contribute to the preservation of the environment, by caring for the impact of activities and promoting an awareness of sustainability among all stakeholders.