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Covering the entire informed consent life cycle

Currently, many hospitals, as they do not an informed consent management system, encounter various problems: locating the document, expiry of deadlines and validity periods, defects in the form, etc.

CINFO aims to solve this problem by covering the entire informed consent life cycle:

Generation, signature and acceptance or rejection of informed consents, retrieval and electronic storage.

Receipt and archiving of documents in the system's own repository, in the patient's EHR or a corporate document management system.

Integration with other systems for reporting the existence of the IC and its administrative status.

Informed consent

Informed consent is "the free, voluntary and informed agreement of a patient, expressed in full use of his or her faculties after receiving adequate information, for an action affecting his or her health to take place". This is defined in art. 3 of Law 41/2002 of 14 November, which regulates patient autonomy and the rights and obligations regarding clinical information and documentation.

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Manages documents throughout their life cycle. Preparation, Issuance, Registration, Storage, Retrieval and Management.

It is parametrisable: It permits the parameterisation of multiple system variables such as expiry times, activating or deactivating synchronisation with other systems, establishing connection routes with other systems, etc.

It permits the traceability and auditing of all operations carried out in the system and of all documents, allowing them to be viewed and their status to be known at all times.

An integrated and complete system

Integration with electronic medical records, corporate LDAP and Cas Server, corporate Document Management Systems, etc.

Different options for signing documents, electronic certificates, biometric signatures, OTP SMS, OTP Mail. This allows both face-to-face and non-face signing using market-leading biometric signature platforms (VIAFIRMA).

Control of deadlines and validity periods for acceptance by the Patient, invalidating the document once the established period has ended.

Reports and statistics for exploiting information managed by the system or exporting it to corporate BI systems.

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It has tools that make it easy to locate a document in the system, locate a consent template and find out the status of each procedure, as well as displaying different documents ordered or filtered by different criteria selected by the user.

Parameterisable alert system for system warnings. They are generated when a user performs an action in the system, or when an event occurs that needs to be recorded.