Plexocast is the industry’s leading device that plays the customer’s multimedia content on their in-room screen

Plexocast is a casting solution developed by Plexus Tech that enhances the customer’s user experience in the hospitality sector by allowing the user to view their mobile device content directly on the screen of their room. This product is compatible with all video platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Movistar or Youtube.

Plexocast, set up via a mobile device.

How does it work?

Using Plexocast is very simple:

  1. The user must connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network
  2. Capture the QR code displayed on the screen of their room
  3. Once the connection is made, the contents of the user’s phone will be available on the TV in their room.


Available on the Oracle Cloud Market

Plexocast is available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, a cloud software library that enables integrations with the hotel’s property management system (PMS) natively for Opera Cloud users. These services add value for the guest, making their experience more immersive. The hotel itself can customize the software with its corporate image, the user’s language or specific content.

Plexocast is available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

An innovative product that can be customized by the hotel

Plexus Tech designs and develops specialized hospitality products that enhance the connection with the customer and guarantee a more comfortable, secure and personalized stay. Furthermore, it is customizable by the hotel to achieve this personalization. More than 80 hotels around the world already rely on these solutions that transform the customer experience.

Plexocast's dashboard on every device.