Keep the size of your workforce in line with your customer care and business needs.

It is an advanced system for the integrated management of HR activity developed by Plexus, that can be customised for each client and facilitates the optimal sizing of the staff.

It is a multi-company, multi-centre and multi-language tool, designed to optimise personnel management and to respond quickly to the needs of activity management in changing environments.

It provides a 360º view of the activity, offering:

  • Advanced dashboards and reports for management.
  • Agile and flexible management mechanisms and useful information for middle management.
  • A tool for two-way interaction with the end professional.
We facilitate the integrated management of HR activity
gesac pc dashboard

More efficient shift planning

The main objective is to match demand to staff availability and training, allowing for more efficient and automated shift planning. It also facilitates the traceability of the physical and functional performance of professionals. And it ensures interoperability with other HR systems.

In this way, we optimise the planning for the implementation of the activity, as it covers all areas of management of professionals and activities, including the needs of departments and areas.


  • Supports decision making with traceability of functional activity performance to help with decision making.
  • Lessens the effort of middle management.
Advantages: Comprehensive solution. Increased productivity. Less effort by middle management. Support for decision-making.

Simple and natural integration with HR systems and productivity monitoring tools.

gesac integracion recursos humanos