Patient management in hospitals nationally and internationally.

A solution developed by Plexus Tech to optimise and improve healthcare services, reception and the circulation of patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Quenda Medic solution integrates with the patient management and EHR platforms already on the market and provides tools for managing waiting room waiting times in all healthcare environments.

It incorporates functionalities such as patient identification using cards, barcodes, ID cards, routing to waiting rooms, management of patient movement by doctors, obtaining proof of attendance and statistical exploitation of waiting information by medical services.

Quenda Medic Infografía
Map of Quenda Medic's presence nationally and internationally.

References where Quenda Medic has been implemented

The Plexus Tech solution has been implemented in hospitals in most of the Iberian Peninsula, in both public and private healthcare facilities. In addition to international systems, such as the British healthcare system (NHS).

Photo of María Díaz

“With Quenda Medic we manage waiting and care in more than 150 hospitals"
María Díaz, Development Department Manager.