TAC TIC TIMER makes it easier for organisations to manage the process of signing in and out and requesting leave and absences.

  • It allows for quick and easy signing in and out, whether working on site, teleworking or in any other setting.
  • It offers employees the possibility of entering and tracking their requests for leave and absences.
  • It facilitates the management and monitoring of requests by both workers and managers, allowing them to view them and know their status at any time.
Cabecera Tac-Tic Timer

An easily integrated and operational tool for companies and work environments

  • It produces advanced reports generated occasionally or updated regularly, in the latter case automatically sending them to specific recipients.
  • Automated, real-time calculations.
  • Different validation and approval flows.
  • It allows integration with external systems, mainly in the areas of HR and project management.
  • Bulk data upload, import and export of files.

TAC-TIC TIMER is a multi-platform that permits management from any device,

There is an APP version, from which workers can sign in and out (permitting sign-in by geolocation), register incidents/absences and request holidays.

Web version, on which, in addition to allowing workers to carry out the same actions as from the App, administrators can perform all the necessary tasks (consulting time sheets, editing time sheets, extracting reports, validating/consulting staff holidays, etc.).