The 21st century customer service model

Consúltame® offers remote customer service and public information over videoconferencing. The situation caused by the pandemic was the key moment for adapting the service delivery model and giving the public a rapid, effective and forceful response to the new situation with total guarantees.

A model that can be integrated with QUENDA, Spain’s leading appointment scheduling solution.

For this reason, Plexus Tech has developed the Consúltame® video customer service product integrated with the Quenda® system for remote customer service, offering a multi-channel solution that meets the needs of every situation and every customer.

Consúltame in the health sector

Consúltame® also permits and facilitates communication between healthcare professionals and patients through video consultations integrated with the Quenda Medic® system and the Clinical Station, providing a unified environment for the professional for both face-to-face and remote healthcare. This method of care saves time and resources, as well as eliminating the geographical barriers to healthcare.

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