Spain’s leader in appointment management

Quenda is a solution for appointment and waiting time management for all sectors, such as healthcare, tourism, banking, retail, government services, etc.

Quenda’s modular system allows the platform to be customised for the needs of each client or organisation as it is a versatile, efficient and simple solution.

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Optimising resources

  • Significantly reduces waiting times.
  • Optimises the organisation's care resources.
  • Improves the quality of user care.
  • Improves the image of the organisation by being more efficient, modern and innovative.
  • Livens up the user's waiting time with monitors in the waiting rooms.

A multi-channel solution

The multi-channel nature of the Quenda system simplifies the process of requesting an appointment for all the procedures that a user has to carry out.

WEB APPOINTMENTThe solution allows them to obtain an appointment autonomously on a website accessible to users on all devices (PCs, tablets and mobiles)

MOBILE DEVICESIn addition, they can obtain an appointment and confirm it by phone, avoiding crowds.

The solution allows users to request appointments by telephone through an automatic switchboard that allows them to request, alter or cancel appointments.

Users can also request an appointment either by telephone or in person from an agent, who has a quick and easy interface for granting the appointment to that person.

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