Multi-language platform for interactive, omnicanal communication that provides feedback in a simple and natural way.

It is based on the flexible management of unattended communication campaigns that adapts to fit any type of organisational structure and is oriented towards the automation of interactions, in which:

  • Human intervention is minimal.
  • The contact process is 100% automatic.
  •  Online interaction is simple and natural.

Main use cases

It is adaptable to communication processes of all types, with and without a required response. Currently the main use cases are:

  • Reminder and confirmation of attendance at events.
  • Optimisation of schedules by confirming attendance, rescheduling or cancelling appointments.
  • Processes for self-admission by voice.
  • Management of call lists and job banks.
  • Conducting tests and surveys.
  • Assessment of satisfaction with a service or the care received.
  • Communication of results of analyses and studies.
  • Communication campaigns.
  • Screening.


Unattended system management. Flexible definition of campaigns. Audience segmentation and more.

A solution that can be integrated with QUENDA®

SCCOM® is fully integrated with our waiting time management system, QUENDA®, creating an information circuit between the systems, based on the definition of contact groups, which makes it easy to simplify the segmentation of the target public.

It supports file-based uploading and has an API that allows integration with third-party applications and the client's back-office.

The solution is distributed under licence in on-premise and cloud models.